At Lenguada we have gathered the best lenders for private loans without collateral. There are many offers to borrow money quickly. It is easy to submit an application and be granted a good loan with low interest rate online. But the fastest is not always the best loan available.

It is important to stop for a second and ensure that the conditions are as good as possible before the agreement is signed. And it is more than just the interest rate that determines which solution is best. Being able to redeem the loan prematurely without extra costs may not seem so important when money is able to get into the account with a quick click. However, it can be valuable further on if unexpected events improve the personal finances so that the loan can be paid back in advance.

Application fees and other fees are the same for all customers. The interest rate, on the other hand, is set individually and depends on the customer’s financial situation (answers to what interest rate is offered first after a loan application has been submitted).

Anyone who has an ordered finance (no payment remarks) can quite easily get a low-interest, low-interest loan online. Virtual banks and loan brokers that are only available on the internet can often offer more favorable terms because they have no offices that cost money.

Loans with low interest rates

Loans with low interest rates

For those who have loans and credits in several places, it is a good idea to consider adding and redeeming loans with a new loan from a cheaper bank. Instead of having several smaller loans from different lenders, it often pays to collect loans from the same bank / credit institution.

Borrowing money from several different directions is both expensive and complicated Paying back expensive debts is for all indebted first steps a better personal finances. By collecting or converting loans, you can easily get rid of bad loans and get more money over in your wallet.

Converting debts means that a new lender grants a new loan at a lower interest rate . This can be wholly or partly used to pay back other debts, credit purchases and credit cards. A new installment plan is set up where the new loan is amortized from one up to fifteen years. Longer amortization time results in lower monthly costs. There are several advantages to converting loans and collecting all credits in a new low-interest loan. For example, it will only be a bill in the month to keep right.

The new borrower takes care of solving all old loans without extra costs. Adding loans is profitable for most people. But it is about informing you about all the costs that a new lender charges. What customer service is offered and if it is possible to get better terms if the loan is signed with a co-borrower.

Good loan without UC

Good loan without UC

The most important factor for a bank or other creditor to approve an application for unsecured loans is that there is a regular source of income. There must be a salary, pension or other income that is regularly paid out. This is to enable an assessment of the customer’s future ability to pay. How large the income is depends on what amount and what interest can be offered.

Anyone who is married, has permanent employment and has lived at the same address for at least two years will have easier to get a good loan with a low interest rate. Most creditors retrieve data from central registers (eg the Information Center). Some smaller lenders make their own assessments of customers. They can offer loans without credit information , which means that information about the loan application is not disclosed.

Lenders make a credit assessment based on the size of the loan, credit history (previous loans) and credit rating. The credit rating determines how large a loan can be approved and is decisive for whether the bank will lend money.

Loans at best interest rates

Loans at best interest rates

Low interest rates on loans are the key to a better personal finances. The interest rate is the price we pay for money, so a low interest rate means a lower price for borrowing money.

In a loan agreement, there are two factors that determine the monthly cost. What determines, among other things, how we choose to repay the loan and how low the interest rate we can borrow money for. The fact that interest rates are low is due to a low global interest rate level and low Swedish inflation. A loan with a long repayment period (repayment period) gives a lower cost per month than a loan to be repaid faster.

However, this does not mean that a long loan is cheaper, the total cost becomes higher because the interest is paid for a long time. The interest rate on a regular blank loan is usually variable, which means that it is directly affected when the Riksbank decides on changes in the repo rate. There are several credit institutions that offer loans online with long amortization and low interest rates.

In addition to interest and amortization, it may be worth considering that the collected newspaper fees (often SEK 20 – 40 per month), application fee and other fees may be added and together become a significant cost for a loan to be paid back for many years.

Benefits of low interest rates

A loan that can be applied for quickly and which has a low interest rate is attractive to most borrowers because it can make the difference between an affordable monthly cost and one that in the long run risks getting the private economy to go over.

A loan with a low interest rate can be used to convert expensive loans, which can transfer money to a new loan, for example to buy a finer, nicer and more reliable car than was originally planned to buy. It is possible to find good loans with low interest rates in several ways. Many banks and other lenders advertise in newspapers about their loan offers.

However, it is worth noting that a loan that is marketed in expensive advertising space can be more expensive than loans that do not make so much sense – somewhere, the advertisement must be paid.

In addition to the local newspaper, offers for good loans with low interest rates can be found through a simple search on the Internet. Many websites that you are at right now provide information on the best and most beneficial loan offers.

Loans with low interest rates

Loans with low interest rates

Whether you need to finance a purchase, pay an unexpected expense or back up expensive loans, the objective of a new loan should be that the interest rate should be the lowest possible. There are many simple loans that can be applied for online with quick notice , they do not require security and the loan amounts are optional from a few thousand dollars up to half a million. With a decent income and orderly personal finances, the probability is good to get approved on an application with lenders with the lowest interest rates.

Anyone who has payment remarks or bad credit ratings will not get a good loan with a low interest rate. To compensate for the risk of credit losses, the lenders that specialize in customers with a difficult personal finance take out a higher interest rate. The interest on unsecured private loans is usually higher than a loan against collateral in, for example, a car or property.

Because the price of the loan depends on the customer’s creditworthiness, the one who has a high credit score easily finds a loan with a low effective interest rate. The debt ratio, that is, the relationship between debt and income, is also a factor that affects the chance of approving the loan, the amount that can be borrowed and the interest rate.

Good low interest rate loan

Lenders who are known to offer low-interest loans can offer the best loan to borrowers with high credit points and stable income. It is always worthwhile to compare prices that you find online with those offered by your own bank. Even borrowers with average income can find many options. The interest rate may, however, be a few percent higher than the lowest advertised interest rates.

Some lenders take more factors into their decision making. It can be the number of years in the same workplace, stable housing situation and of course the opportunity to make money on the loan. For those who recently received a new job, have moved frequently or have other things in their luggage that lenders do not like, it is easier to find a loan with the help of a co-borrower who promises to take responsibility for the loan if it is not paid under contract.

Keep in mind that he or she will get your loan on the neck if it is misused. The price of money with alternative lenders is significantly higher than the loans with the lowest possible interest rates. Interest rates around 15% are not uncommon.

Fastest Loans with Lowest Interest?

Fastest Loans with Lowest Interest?

In order for a loan application with answers directly to the screen to be processed, a personal identification number linked to an e-ID is required. Applying for a loan with a bank ID is the most common method for an application to be able to be processed automatically with a quick response. After identification with e-identification, the desired loan amount and repayment period are chosen. The repayment period is often from 2 to 14 years, but there are also annual loans with low interest rates.

Keep in mind that the longer you repay your loan, the higher the total cost of interest payments. By just borrowing enough, the monthly cost and thus the headache becomes smaller each time the loan winnings diminish in the mailbox.

Lowest possible interest rate on loans

If the interest rates offered on a good loan with low interest rates are not sufficiently low, there is only one way to further reduce the interest rate – offer a security. The real estate and tenant-owner’s prices have risen for many years, which made it popular for instead of borrowing without collateral to take out a mortgage bond in the property and with the help of it raise their home loan.

Loans with housing as collateral are the cheapest financing that individuals have access to but they are not a quick loan but take time and often require a visit to the bank.

Loans without interest

When we borrow smaller amounts from someone we know, it is often loans without interest, but it is actually possible to borrow without interest even from companies in the loan market. The first loan can be interest-free for new customers, but it is usually a small amount of a few thousand kronor with a short repayment period. Adding a bit of surf time to finding a loan with a low interest rate is well invested time. It is great to see when the money quickly falls into the account.

But the repayment is a lengthy process which should already be made as small a concern as possible in advance. It is therefore smart to spend some time finding a good loan with low interest rates.

Banks’ interest rates on private loans


Handelsbanken: The interest rate is variable, currently 5.60%. Effective interest rate currently 6.01%.

Swedbank: Sample rate 5.23 % (Effective interest rate: 5.49 %)

ICA Bank: Example rate 5.55% (effective interest rate of 5.69%)

Source: Banks’ websites

Best loan

Best loan

The best loan is the least cost. If you are considering making a large purchase or collecting all debts, an internet loan can be a good alternative. But how is it possible to find the best loan and what methods are most effective in the search for the cheapest way to borrow money ?

Whether the money is needed for a purchase or for paying off on loans, blank loans or private loans are the most popular form of loan. But with hundreds of loan offers and a wide range of interest rates and contract terms, it can be tricky to find the best loan solution.

A loan from the wrong lender can end with many thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs on the day everything is counted together and the loan is paid.

How much can it borrow?

How much can it borrow?

For those with normal incomes, it is usually not a problem to get a loan of up to SEK 200,000. For those who have a higher salary, some lenders offer loans of up to SEK 500,000.

Getting approved on a loan application often goes very fast. With the application online, answers are given directly on loans and for those who can sign the loan with a bank ID it can be ready for payment already the same day. Most lenders deposit money into the account within a few days.

How long will the loan be repaid?

Most unsecured loans often have a long repayment period from two to 12 years. If the money can be paid back in less time, it is possible to get an annual loan from some lenders. By dividing the repayment over a longer period, the monthly payments become lower, but by paying the interest over a longer period, the total loan cost becomes higher.

Where can I get a loan?

Banks, mortgage companies and mortgage brokers are some of the lenders who can offer good loans at competitive prices, especially for those who have a good credit rating. Many stores offer loans without interest in installments. However, it is important to be careful. If a payment is made too late, the loan can be quickly converted into an expensive credit.

What do I need to avoid?

Serious lenders often offer the opportunity to settle the loan prematurely. This is important because you do not know in advance if you will want to repay the loan faster. It is therefore necessary to avoid loans with high costs for early redemption.

What interest do I get?

Your credit rating is critical to getting the best loan and you should do everything you can to improve it. The loan rates advertised by lenders are exemplary interest rates and not necessarily the same as they will offer you. The lowest interest rates are normally only available to a very few customers with very high creditworthiness.

Others with not so good credit history more unstable employment or lower wages are getting worse conditions. By comparing personal loans, it is possible to see how big the differences are. Therefore, never accept the first best loan offer you get.

Is a private loan a good solution?

If you do not have access to cash to make a purchase or pay off debt on your own, a regular private loan can often be the best solution. Private loans are unsecured loans that can be used for all possible needs and situations.

Consumers with good credit ratings can borrow at an interest rate between 4 and 10%, which is significantly lower than credit card interest rates and a competitive alternative to other financing methods. Private loans can make it easier to finance renovation, car purchase or to cover unexpected expenses.

Alternative loan options

The best loan can in some cases be found in brand new loan channels. P2P or person-person are loans between private individuals. By placing their borrowing requirement on a marketplace for p2p loans , it is free to see what interest other people are willing to lend to.

How is my credit rating affected?

The credit rating is only adversely affected if the loan is misused. A borrower who pays down the debt according to plan can get an improved credit rating even though they have an outstanding loan. This occurs because, in the case of a credit report, it is clear how much of the granted credit has been paid off. This lowers the percentage of available credits used.

If the loan is not paid on time, it can be terminated and ultimately lead to a payment complaint.

Best loan at bad credit rating

Anyone who has been neglected with the payments in the last 3 years cannot expect to get a good loan, but it is still possible to find the best loan given the conditions. The basic requirement for being able to borrow money whatsoever is that there is no debt balance with the Crown Officer.

If all debts are paid, it is possible to get a loan despite the payment note or with a weak credit rating.

Best loan, what should it offer?

  • Low interest rates and competitive offers
  • Interest rates better than credit cards
  • Can be used to finance all needs and costs
  • Easy and easy application with answers directly
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Payment of money quickly – within 1-5 working days

Can I get a better loan?

Can I get a better loan?

It can definitely be worth putting pressure on your own bank. Banks are keen that you collect all your business. If a customer starts doing business elsewhere, the risk is that he or she also moves other banking products. By pointing it out to your own bank, you can get the price down. But if it does not go there is probably the best loan elsewhere.

Finally: Do you really need a loan?

This is the most important issue. Investigate yourself. Is it absolutely necessary to borrow and will you manage the payments even if the interest on the loan goes up? If the loan is for buying a new car, going on holiday and it is not necessary today, it may be better to save money and make your best loan for a loan from yourself.