A very popular loan amount from consumers is a 4000 euro loan. With this loan amount, which is one of the small credits, you can compensate for overdraft accounts, make small purchases or even finance your next vacation. Loans are offered in this amount by many lenders. Consumers should therefore compare many different credit providers.

4000 Euro credit house bank

4000 Euro credit house bank

In financial matters, the house banks, such as Raiffeisen banks or savings banks, are always the first point of contact. These banks are aware of the financial situation of their customers and can therefore also help with various banking products.

If you need a small credit for the balance of your current account, smaller purchases or for other requests, you can contact his bank. In a personal consultation, which must be agreed beforehand, the bank customer can express his loan request. The clerk calculates the creditworthiness based on the available data in the computer and with the private credit information. To secure the loan, the salary of the bank client is normally sufficient.

With a sufficient credit rating and a positive private credit a small loan is usually approved immediately. The 4000 Euro credit is credited to the checking account of the bank customer after a short time. Incidentally, small loans can also be applied for at competing branch banks.

Small loans – from online and direct banks

Small loans - from online and direct banks

If the waiting period for a small loan from a conventional bank takes too long, you can turn to an online or direct bank on the Internet. These banks can be easily located on a credit portal. A credit portal also allows easy credit comparison.

For a credit comparison, the key data for the small loan are entered into a loan calculator. For this, the net loan amount, a reasonable duration and a possible purpose are needed. This data is used to calculate banks that qualify for a € 4,000 loan. The loan offers are tabulated and contain information such as the bank name, details of the bank product, the monthly installment, the borrowing rate and the effective interest rate.

Anyone who chooses a relatively short term of 12 or 24 months for a small loan of 4,000 euros will receive a rather favorable loan offer. Longer runtimes allow for lower rates. However, the credit will be more expensive. Even small loans online banks are cautious. With a negative private credit loans are usually rejected.

4000 euros – via credit agencies

4000 euros - via credit agencies

Consumers who have slight negative entries in their private credit information can turn to their credit request for a serious credit intermediation. This also applies to consumers with a limited credit rating. Credit intermediaries carry out brokerage activities and therefore require a license according to § 34 c GewO.

This authorization authorizes the brokering of banking products originating from domestic or foreign banks. Since also the small loan belongs to the portfolio of the credit agencies, a 4000 euro credit is possible. The application for a loan is usually made online with credit agencies. If you have a limited credit rating, you can either name a guarantor or have a second applicant included in the loan agreement.

With these additional collateral, the loan should be approved. Although credit agencies also offer loans without private credit, this is not possible with a loan of 4000 euros. The credit lines for private creditfreie loans are limited to the sums of 3500, 5000 and 7500 euros.

Credit marketplaces – Small loans from private investors

Credit marketplaces - Small loans from private investors

Small loans, such as a € 4,000 loan, are also offered on credit marketplaces. Credit marketplaces are an idea from the UK and the USA. On the Internet platforms, loan seekers and private investors are brought together. In Germany, creditend and Astrofinance are among the best-known credit marketplaces.

In order to protect the private investors against a loan default, a private credit information is obtained. This information may not contain any hard negative features. These features include arrest warrants, court orders, affidavits or a private bankruptcy. Consumers who are approved can apply for loans from 1000 to 25000 at Astrofinance. At creditend even up to 50,000 euros are possible. The loan application is made online. The personal details must also include the income and expenditure.

An additional applicant may be indicated on creditend’s credit marketplace. This increases the chances of a quick financing. If the 4000 Euro loan has been fully financed, it will be paid out to the specified checking account.

Small loans – credit comparison is worthwhile

Small loans - credit comparison is worthwhile

Consumers who need a € 4,000 loan for a financial bottleneck or small purchases can choose between many lenders. Particularly favorable are the credit offers of online and direct banks. These small loans from the Internet are only available with a good credit rating and a positive private credit.

Those who have problems with their credit requirements have to resort to a credit marketplace or to a credit intermediary. The loans are always slightly more expensive than the credit offers of banks due to the higher credit risk. A comparison of the various small or instant loans can be profitable in any case.