"Bringing Missouri's Equine Industry Together" - MEC unites the multi-million dollar equine industry in our state and is committed to representing and promoting the common interests of Missouri's equine industry. The MEC Board of Directors is made up of Missouri volunteers who are involved with a variety of breeds, disciplines, and interests.

MEC membership is open to individuals, families, clubs, organizations or businesses interested in supporting this major agricultural, educational and recreational industry. MEC has an army of generous volunteers who help in countless ways to market, educate, and put together publications and meetings for the public. Join us on facebook for the latest news and important events!

As individual horse owners we have only one voice and minimal influence.  When we band together, we can successfully influence the decisions that are made by Local, State and Federal Governments, which can and do impact the Missouri Equine Industry.

MEC Equine Welfare Policy- MEC supports the responsible and human use of equine as determined by experienced, knowledgeable and concerned persons for humane purposes such as recreation, food, fiber, and research conducted for the benefit or both humans and equines.

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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Congratulations to Marvin Bennett of Ashland, Missouri!

Mr. Bennett has logged 3,901 hours of trail riding in the Ride Missouri Program. His goal is to log a total of 4,000 hours by the end of the year. That is quite an achievement! MEC is keeping our fingers crossed that you make that goal!

MO Equine Council